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Our Virtual Catalog of Over 10,000 Items!

Our Virtual Catalog of Over 10,000 Items!



Simply click one of the links at the bottom of this page to enter our Virtual Catalog with over 10,000 products! The very bottom link is for those of you using an iPad, iPhone, or any other machine that is not equipped with Flash Player, or for anyone who would rather submit an online order form to us rather than emailing us with your order.  The link just above that is for everyone else, and flash player is required to view it. Even if you have Flash Player installed on your computer, you may want to view the other catalog as well. Although maybe not as "fun", because you can't turn the pages and zoom like you can with the Virtual Catalog, you may find it easier to use. The main differences though is that the top link shows exact photos of the products and the bottom link is more of a cartoony sketch type photo of each item.

If you opt to use our Flash Player enabled catalog, you can flip the pages by grabbing any corner of the catalog with your mouse. YOUR PRICES ARE 30% OFF the prices listed  in these catalogs!

NOTE! You will see an array of catalogs on the page when you click the link to be taken to our Virtual Catalogs. Most of these catalogs are smaller portions of our MAIN GENERAL LINE CATALOG. The GENERAL LINE Catalog is the one in the middle with pebbles on the front cover. Second row, middle catalog. The MAIN/GL Catalog has ALL the items in it that the smaller catalogs offer, plus much, much, more! This is the catalog with over 10,000 items offered to you! The smaller catalogs are offered to you so you will not have to fumble through all the items if you are specifically looking for charms, bridal jewelry, the men's line, etc.  So they are specific catalogs for you to find your specific items.

For now, you will need to email us your orders from the virtual catalog or enter your order into the order form on the site in the bottom link of this page. If you choose to email your orders, simply give us the product numbers and a brief description of the item to ensure the product number is typed accurately in your email. That way, if there is a discrepancy in the item number and your description, we will catch it and ask you which is correct...the description or the item number. We will then compile an invoice for you and send it to you once you submit either your email order to us or the order form if using the bottom link. You may pay with PayPal or with your major credit card, but if you pay with your major credit card, we give you FREE SHIPPING! Otherwise, the shipping fee is $2.98 whether you purchase one item or 100 items. For this we use the honor system until/unless that honor is broken. Tell us you intend to pay by credit card, and we will give you a coupon code to use at checkout that will give you free shipping, or remove $2.98 from your invoice total, which is equivalent to our shipping fee. If it turns out you received the discount and used PayPal to pay, we will send you another invoice for the shipping fee to be paid so we can ship your order, which will then be paid in full. We get a much better transaction rate collecting funds via debit or credit card than we do with PayPal, so we pass the savings on to you when you pay by card.

Once you pay the invoice, you can expect to get delivery of your item within 5 - 10 days at the very latest, unless there is a factory back order. Most customers actually receive their orders within 4 - 6 days of placing their order.

Unfortunately, the virtual catalog cannot be viewed on your iPhone or iPad, because these machines are not capable of viewing Flash Player programs. The  second link below is where you may look at this catalog in a different format that should open on any phone or tablet.



So click below and enjoy the show!


(Link above will open a virtual catalog for viewing only, but you will need to email your order to us)

For those of you who do not have flash player on your phone or tablet, or if you wish to be able to submit an order form to us, please click this next link below:


 Anyone, whether on iPad or not, may place an order with us by clicking the link directly above and completing the order form on the webpage you are taken to. Simply add the items you would like to purchase to your cart. When asked for your vendor number,  enter SIL93944.

The manufacturer will receive your order and package it up to ship to us. They will also email the order to us so that we can send you an invoice for it. You'll pay the invoice and as soon as your order arrives, we will ship it directly to you, providing you have made your full payment of the invoice. You may pay your invoice with your credit card or with PayPal, but remember, we give you free shipping on any order you pay by credit card over the phone.

From start to finish, assuming you pay your invoice right away, it takes less than a week to get your order! If you order on a Monday and we get your invoice sent for you to pay within 24 hours, and we will, you should have your order by Saturday, for example's sake. If your order is large enough, we may also have your order drop-shipped from the factory, which will put your order in your mailbox up to two days sooner! I believe your order needs to be for $150 or more in merchandise (before shipping) in order for us to be able to have the order drop-shipped to you.

*Your discount on the merchandise in the catalog in the above links only is as follows:

Any size order: 30% off

Bulk order of $1,000 or more: 32% off


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