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No two coupon codes may be used together in a single order, and clearance items are not eligible for further discounts or promotions set below.



Silverocity's 2017 Spring Fling Sale: Use coupon code SPRINGFLING to get 15% off EVERYTHING IN YOUR CART! Applies to in-stock items only - no rainchecks. Valid 4.18.17 through 7.31.17. Some of our exclusive, OOAK (One of a Kind) pieces are also offered on other selling sites (aside from our own website), so do not procrastinate! Once gone, the OOAK items will not be designed or made again.



Spend $100 on in-stock merchandise, take 15% off by entering coupon code SILVER15 at checkout! You will receive a 15% discount on every item in your cart! (Discount will appear as a separate line item at check-out). This discount does not apply to merchandise in the Virtual Catalog, where you are already given a 30% discount off the published prices. We will automatically deduct 30% from all items purchased through the VC for our retail customers. Contact us regarding your even lower VC discount if you are a reseller who wishes to buy in bulk. No other discounts will apply when you use this or any other coupon code. No more than ONE promotion or offer may be used on any one, single order. This includes the offer in Promotion #3. (i.e. if you use this coupon code, or ANY coupon code, you may not also receive a free sixth bead when you buy five, as described in Promotion #3).



Buy any five charms or beads, get the sixth one free! The FREE charm or bead must be equal to or less than the lowest priced item in your cart. DO NOT add your free item to your cart! Instead, type a note to us in the Order Comments section of your order telling us the product number and name of the item you would like to have free of charge with your minimum purchase of five charms. Please check to ensure the item you are requesting as your free item is in stock, or expect to wait for your entire order to be shipped when all items are in stock, including your free item. You can check stock simply by noticing whether the tag below the item reads "Add to Cart" or if it has a different note in the tag such as "Special Order", or "Item May Be Temporarily Out of Stock".

If you use a coupon code, you may not also receive a free sixth charm for purchasing five. NO two promotions may be taken together on the same order.






Just to be clear!

Only one promotion OR coupon may be used on a single order!   If you use a coupon code that reduces the total of your order, and you also give us a "verbal" on a promotion in the comments section of your order, the discount you have taken will trump the verbal request, since the discount has already been applied to your order when you paid for the order. We will not contact you regarding this, as you are reading it in the promotions page right now, and this is common practice, so you should not have too much trouble remembering it when you place your order after reading the promotions just seconds earlier! It is also mentioned on most every item description as we have posted the most prevalent TOS into each listing, as well.

We simply do not have the time to contact anyone who hasn't read or abided by the Terms of Service, or the rules of our promotions, so we will choose the easiest avenue for us to take, which is to ship you what you paid for, and not make more work for ourselves than we have time for. So be sure to NOT use a coupon code if you would rather have a free charm or another promotion that you would tell us about verbally (Or typed in the Comments of you order). There is a reason there is only one place for a coupon code to be entered, and that is that virtually no businesses, if any, allow you to apply two separate discounts to your order! For most companies, that would cause a loss of revenue rather than a profit.

If there are no coupon codes involved, but you type two different requests into the comments section of your order for two different promotions, we will give you the first one you type in the message. Again, ONLY ONE PROMOTION MAY BE USED AT ONE TIME ON ANY SINGLE ORDER!

If you do not understand this: We would normally tell you to contact us about anything you do not understand, but honestly, I don't know how else we would word it for you. We have actually had a few people email us to ask us if they could Buy 5, Get 1 Free in addition to using a coupon code to get a percentage off their order. We asked if they read our TOS and they said that they did, but that they thought this would be different, (for some reason). I am here to tell you now that there are NO EXCEPTIONS to this unless the verbiage on the promotion you wish to use clearly states that the particular promotion is IN ADDITION TO any other promotion you wish to take advantage of. This has not happened to date, and we do not expect it to happen unless we either go out of business, which we are NOT planning to do, or we really need to unload a jewelry line quickly, for whatever reason that might be!

Some coupon codes, usually the ones that LOSE money for us, but were set up to THANK YOU for all your business throughout the year, may only be used ONE TIME per customer. There is usually no limit to how many items you may put on your order to use the coupon, but please make sure you have everything you need on your order before you check out, because just like the work that would be caused for us if someone were to miss a sale and ask us to set up the coupon codes all over again just for them at a later date, this would also cause us the same amount of work, and cost us a lot of time. Time we do not have to waste, especially during our busier holiday seasons, such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Mother's Day.

We try to specify in our flyers coming to your email whether the coupons may be used more than once or not, but if we do forget to add that verbiage to our flyer, please check with us before you place any orders if you need to know that information beforehand. The best rule of thumb, however, is that any coupon code giving you 40% Off your total order or more is probably set up as a one-time use per customer coupon.





Firstly, please check to see if we posted an expiration date on this page in the description of the particular promotion you are attempting to use. It may be that the promotion has ended, but we have not yet had the time to remove the promotion from this page. If there is not an expiration date printed on this page, it still may have had to end for some reason without advance notice, and we possibly were not yet able to remove it from the website. In addition, when we send flyers out with promotions, we also add them to this page. If the promotion from a flyer you received in your email does not also appear on this page, we have had to end the promotion for some reason. Usually the reason is that we have sold out of the stock involved in the promotion due to the promotion itself.

Secondly, some codes will only work if you are using them properly. For instance, if we give you a coupon code to use towards diamond jewelry, the code will only work on jewelry that has diamonds in it, and nothing else. Another example of not using the coupon properly would be if the promotion dictates that you spend a certain amount of money in order to get a specific discount. Please double check your order to be sure you have spent at least that specified amount. If the subtotal of your order before shipping fees is even one penny lower than the requirement, the coupon will not work! So please be sure your order meets the criteria outlined in the promotion, and that you are not including the shipping fee, if any, in your subtotal when you are figuring out the amount you have spent. We do not profit off shipping, so we cannot discount it! In fact, we lose money on shipping. We offer FREE USPS First Class Mail Shipping, which would not appear on your invoice to begin with. The amount we charge for USPS Priority Mail Shipping and Priority Mail Express Shipping does not also cover our other shipping expenses, such as the package itself, the label, toner to print the label, insurance, the charm or jewelry boxes we paid for out of pocket but offer to you free of charge, and probably more. In addition to that, we generally charge less than what it costs us in postage to ship the order to you.

And finally, it is always best to use your mouse right click and highlight the code, then right click again to COPY it from this page, then PASTE it into the coupon code field (another right click) of your order. You would be surprised at how many times that fixes the problem, either because you used upper or lower case letters instead of how we typed it out, or you entered a space in there somewhere, or simply transposed numbers or letters.

Please contact us AFTER trying these solutions and/or checking all of your criteria if you are still having an issue.  

We reserve the right to end or alter any promotion at any given time without notice. Of course, we always try to give advance notice whenever possible, but unforeseen issues could arise that would prevent us from doing so. We log the time and date we change or end a promotion without notice, and we do try to fill any orders that were submitted before this logged time, if at all possible. However, the reason we may end a promotion without notice could be that we ran out of inventory involved in the promotion, which would make it impossible for us to accommodate you. In this case, we will notify you to let you know that the promotion can no longer be used, and we will offer you a different incentive. In the 17 years we have been in business, this has never happened, but we have to consider the possibility that it could.

I apologize if I sounded a bit harsh on some of these issues, but it really does get frustrating, and even hurts our feelings a bit, when we feel we are giving you an awesome deal and we are actually losing money on the deal as a THANK YOU to you for your months or years of business with us, and it seems it is not appreciated or taken for granted. 99% of you fully appreciate everything we try to do for you. It's just those few people who continue to attempt to pull every drop of blood out of us even after we give the farm away to them, or who cannot respect our time enough to make their purchases when we specify the time frame for our sale. It is especially frustrating when typically, it is these same customers who never buy anything from us any other time of the year except for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. These sales were set up and meant to be a way for us to thank our loyal customers, not for strangers to take advantage of us. In the future, anyone who does not purchase a single item from us all year round will not be able to participate in the sale. We can prevent coupon codes from working for guests who are not logged in, and even for specific customers. Unfortunately, this is the way we are going to have to go with this next year.

This concludes our 'PROMOTIONS TOS'.

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